AccueilThe status of the currency and economy of pension


The status of the currency and economy of pension: the algerian case





The question of status of the currency is rather ambiguous in economics. Removed orAreplaced in the center of the analysis by orthodox theories, it has an undefined status. Its characterization by the theories of regulation, as a fundamental institutional form of capitalism, partially lifts the ambiguity: its relation to the value is excluded orAoverlooked. Yet it is in its function as a store of value that reflects the nature of capitalism, a system of economy which plays the full law of accumulation. By analogy, the economy of oil rent, which is an energy saving mode, refrain from the law of accumulation, is also where the store of value is removed, thereby altering its theoretical status. As an extension, the status of its management institutions (Central Bank and Treasury) is also altered. This paper is developed, using monetary statistics describing the fundamentals of the economy of Algeria, where growth and accumulation are separated.

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