AccueilThe scope of recent urbain projects for large algerian city


The scope of recent urbain projects for large algerian city highlighted from the case of annaba


Sassia Spiga
Jamel Edinne GUESSOUM



Implement developmental projects in the existing city, new poles of growth that are more distant, are markers of public action which is extended in favour of the largest cities in Algeria. Programs that bring these projects, meet the implicit ambition to confirm some of them in their radiation visibilizing other at the Mediterranean scale. This is explained partly by political action for the development of Annaba. Gradually, the city changes its scale, scope growth expands to neighboring towns where nurture "new periphery" to other municipalities in the Wilaya targeted for new urbanization projects.

Annaba seems to hinge of a new phase of growth that begins at a sub-regional level. The construction of a metropolitan area distinguishes her from Constantine to the existing city. This raises the question of the scope of new projects for the future of the industrial capital of eastern Algeria, expected to be a metropolis.

Our analysis is built by a cross of urban dynamics and the nature of projects implemented. It shows the need to scale down ambitions to bring the city to the rank of international cities. Initially, having the same advantages as the port cities of the north shore of the Mediterranean, Annaba, victim of gigantic industrial project, bent under the effect of an evolutionary process that has pulled down.
If it appears as a metroplisation challenge in the long run, by mobilizing its potentialities, it could consolidate the status of the city on national and Mediterranean scales. This status may be acquired from a triangulation of strategic actions to strengthen connectivity, creating synergy between SMEs / SMIs and tourism, giving coherence to the urban structure.

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