AccueilThe entrepreneurial process in algeria


The entrepreneurial process in algeria an adaptation of the model of gartner





For many analysts, the process dimension is cardinal in the study of entrepreneurial phenomenon (Messaghem K. and Sammut S., 2011). In fact, W.B. Gartner (1985) has proposed a framework linking three dimensions (sociological, cultural and environmental) linked to the process of new venture creation.

Our aim through this research is to study the entrepreneurial process in Algeria following the model of Gartner which allows an indepth analysis. This paper is constructed on three folds structure (i) in the macroeconomic system, which conditions call for the contractor are Algerian, attractive enough to trigger a process favorable to initiative and development ? (ii) In these management positions, what predispositions or skillst should be highly valued and (iii) How the contractor Algerian has the capacity to spread cultural values?


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