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Les déterminants de choix de l’irrigation localisée par les exploitants de la Mitidja





Since 2000, the public authorities aim at encouraging the development of water-saving irrigation technologies. This article seeks to explain the behavior of farm holders towards adopting new irrigation technologies. The modeling of drip irrigation adoption is chosen as a methodological framework. It consists of defining the determining factors of drip irrigation adoption by farmers in Mitidja farming land. In this sense, a survey was conducted randomly on a sample of 117 farmers, taken from the irrigated area of west Mitidja; land 1. Results analysis showed that the adoption of drip irrigation is influenced by : the type of crop grown, investment cost, subsidy to drip irrigation, education level, age and agricultural extension. While other factors like: irrigator's association membership, farm status, public water price, ground water access by well-drilling, are not determining factors of the adoption.

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