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La question foncière au Maghreb : la longue marche vers la privatisation





Pre-colonial Maghreb offers a unique model of ownership access orAland possession; an array of rights over land came from the belonging to a community, and the Muslim right as well as customs, the orf and / orAlocal usage would determine the modalities of ownership and tenure status. French colonization, with its desire to diminish the statutes and organize them according to modern private property notions ‬registered ‬will create the most drastic breaks in legal estate relationships. The land tenure unifying policy around State owned property and Melk property will be followed by other means and other aims by independent Maghreb countries. A phase of rebuilding private State owned property and of land reforms gave way to liberal land policies. The land will then change hands and the process of individualization of collective lands and of privatization of public lands will then take a new dimension in the last few decades. The strong mobilization of land resources in the markets dynamics ‬apart from the environmental risks ‬happens however at the cost of a dramatic social change in the rural areas, and of a loss of control over lands by an impoverished section of farmers.

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