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Indicators of human development at subnational: test for estimating data from census algérien population and housing for 2008


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Human Development Report is done every year in line with UNDP indicators. Fighting against regional inequalities is implemented by national programs to reduce deficits, both in terms of basic infrastructure as well as human development. Developing these indicators at sub national levels seem a challenge. To do so, we used all available data, from the last general census (2008), having a relationship with human development indicators. The census provides a number of indicators (illiteracy rates, school enrollment rates) and we gathered others from surveys. The alternative is to build from proxy variables from the census.

To ensure objectivity of this study, an automatic technique namely agglomerative hierarchical clustering have been used without introducing adjacency criterion. It is not a priori choice of geographical grouping indicators but rather to a group of territories in subsequent human development more orAless identical.

Comparatively, the clustering we obtained is better than those a priori. We conclude with proposing a new clustering combining the two approaches.


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