AccueilEvaluation of food gap in algeria

Evaluation of food gap in algeria by using an eco- demographic model


Zoheir TAFER



The concept of what is called "Food Gap" is very close in meaning to that of "Food Dependence". However, if the latter has an ideological connotation more than economic, the former denotes the value of the estimation of a country's food dependency. Yet, the estimation of the food gap and monitoring its evolution over time is not an easy task, because it requires accurate statistics and rigorous calculations. Thus, this paper suggests a different approach for the estimation of the food gap. It is based on a model of Louis Malassis. This model allows, among other things, to assess the effects of agricultural and food policies on food security of a country. Among the conclusions, it is clear that the usual methods for the quantification of the food gap are inadequate. The fluctuations of change rates and international prices of food are liable to misinterpretations. Policy undertaken in Algeria, based on “supply”, is inefficient.

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