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Essai de conceptualisation de l’attractivité des espaces ruraux algériens


Mohamed Yassine FERFERA



This paper addresses the situation of rural areas in Algeria and what will become of them in the future and explores the possibilities of improving their attractiveness. The rapid urbanization and the rural exodus that ensued and the increasing food dependency of the country, raise the question of what will be the fate of the countryside in the context of globalization and the opening of economies and public authorities' willingness to enhance metropolisation (polarization around large towns) as it appears from the country planning program (SNAT). This research is a continuation/extension of field work undertaken as part of a PhD thesis (waiting to be defended). From a survey of a sample of manufacturers who located their activities in rural areas in order to understand what reasons justify their choice, I try to discover the main determinants of rural areas attractiveness in Algeria. I argue that it is possible to reverse the current rural-urban flows given that a number of the countryside advantages (real estate availability, natural amenities, local know- how and products, patrimony, etc) are developed and public policy reoriented to make it less focused on urban areas.

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