AccueilDemographic dynamics and spatial changes in the coastal periphery of algiers


Demographic dynamics and spatial changes in the coastal periphery of algiers: the case of the municipality of heuraoua





New dynamics characterize today's world. Some have resulted in many geographical processes, which include the coastal development. Algeria has a demographic dynamics that reinforced the concentration of people and activities on the coastline where are located three of the four national metropolis, Oran, Annaba and Algiers.

The footprint of the development of these cities, including Algiers is the growth of its suburbs during the past two decades, through the extension of the urban fabric on its periphery. This process of artificial soil marked the morphology of all the Algiers region and caused, among others, environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources of its coastline defined, however, as one of the sensitive areas, for land planning policy in Algeria.

The peripheral municipalities of Algiers agglomeration are experiencing strong population dynamics, which resulted in various spatial transformations, especially in the eastern part of Algiers coast.

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