AccueilCompetitiveness of olive oil industry in algeria

Competitiveness of oilve oil industry in algeria: case study of the wilaya of bejaia


Melkhir BOUDI



These last decades, Algerian Olive culture have known major mutations, namely for its necessary upgrade and integration within the world economy. Indeed, the competition which results from the liberalization of the exchanges encouraged the companies of this sector needs improvement of their performance and their competitiveness.

In this study, we propose to assess the competitive aspect of this sector in Algeria. On the one hand, this analysis reveals that its competitiveness is based on the measure of the production costs in farms located in Bejaia, principal olive-growing production zone in Algeria. On the other hand, it also analyzed the competitiveness “out-prices” side, determined by the quality which differentiates the products.

Algeria does not have a comparative advantage on the prices but paradoxically its traditions of consumption remain in favor of an immaterial quality which excludes the Algerian taste from the international standard.

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