AccueilAnalysis of inter-organizational coordination


Analysis of inter-organizational coordination: case of inter-company and enterprises & institutions relationship – proposal of a scale of measurement


Mohamed Yassine FERFERA



Based on a multidisciplinary approach, we propose in this paper, the development of a scale of the phenomenon of inter-organizational coordination, from the experiences by companies of their exchanges with their partners (other companies and public institutions). The literature review (Durand-Lefaix et al., 2006) reveals four major dimensions of inter-organizational coordination: the business environment, organizational behavior, the nature of relationships and modes of regulation. A specification of the relationship between these dimensions in a conceptual model is performed from the perspective of resource creation. Double analysis is conducted: a descriptive analysis to describe the profiles of companies sampled and an explanatory analysis for the evaluation of the model by the method of structural equation with latent variable (Partial Least Squares Path Modeling).

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